Adult live webcam sites norway

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Adult live webcam sites norway

To answer these questions, VG called several of these downloaders, then traveled the country to meet 10 of them face to face.The resulting documentary (which is in Norwegian) is not for the faint of heart.'Ordinary People'When thinking of pedophiles, we may picture a banal-looking, middle-aged, middle-class white man lurking near a playground.We have interested parties in Denmark and Germany,” says Einar Stangvik.For now, VG’s three-installment series sheds light on an immoral business where everyone, from producers and distributors to consumers, must be held responsible.After some careful sleuthing (crossing usernames, social media accounts, email addresses, IPs), the team was able to identify many of the persons behind these usernames.Who are these people and what compels them to watch children be abused?Many CAM viewers do share one trait: their blatant dishonesty.

In other words, the CAM industry is not a select club of old perverts roaming the web in the privacy of their musty apartment—it’s a multibillion-dollar business of global magnitude, with thriving demand and supply.

VG’s team downloaded these logs, which contained information on 36 million downloads, from file names and dates of download, to usernames, email addresses and IPs.

But how could they find child abuse material, the proverbial needle in a haystack, in these millions of downloads?

In Norway, VG found 430 downloaders of child abuse material (also known as CAM), of which 78 have already been positively ID-ed by the team.

At the heart of VG’s team are a journalist, Håkon Høydal, and a data scientist, Einar Otto Stangvik.

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So when a team of journalists uncovers data on 95,000 men around the world who like to spend their free time watching videos of toddlers and children being brutally sexually abused, it’s a pretty big deal.

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