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Gosh i miss dating

I told him that I didn't want to interrupt his life, but that I just wanted to tell him that he was always a good friend to me and that I didn't mean to hurt him and that I was sorry that I did and that even though we agreed to stay in touch and stay close friends, that I thought it was best to make a clean break so that we could move on.

He told me that he didn't hold anything against me and that he understood that I had to follow my heart.

Her breasts should at least be referenced in dialogue if not an integral part of the character.

He soon realizes the woman is another Oh Hae-Young. I think Erick Mun did a wonderful job at potraying his character. They shouldn't contact each other after this drama finished otherwise, Eric could not safe his relationship. I want the male main character is replaced by Gang Dong Won, Jo Jung Seok or Jaejoong (JYJ) I hate to Eric Nam because he already had a girlfriend in the real world, huhu :'( I hope to see the second season next year or someday. I was shipping him with Seo Hyun Jin and disappointed after reading his dating news at first but his girl friend (nahyemi? Imagine how beautiful thir children will be with those beautiful parents genes. At first I keep postponing to watch this drama but I got nothing to watch, so I just watch it.If he seems 'ignore' Seo Hyun Jin, it just the matter that he's attached now and he should respect his relationship. but still this drama is one of my favorite till now !! I ended up calling her the "drunken, French mumbling hair monster" since I tend to forget names of characters rather easily.I will never ever again be able to see Kim Ji Suk the same way, either. lord, I felt embarrassed to be watching but was so glued I thought my corneas might suffer actual damage from the series.I'm sure that I didn't do anything positive for his life. Within various forms of media there is a prevalent assumption among creators that large breasts automatically make a woman more attractive.

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