Dating big beautiful south jersey

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Dating big beautiful south jersey

"Every scholar that spells a word wrong or omits a silent letter or figure shall step in the rear of the class and there stand until the class shall have spelled through, then those that have spelled right are to move up in a solid body and those who are in the rear to move down and take their places at the foot." For decades, the school was supported by tuition payments.But gradually the State began to assume a share of the financial responsibility.

The Trustees' minutes of May 31, 1888, reflect the principal's request "that a diploma be voted to Miss Etta A.

Musical enrichment was added in 1894 with the hiring of a singing teacher from New York City.

Early in the 1900s the value of athletics was recognized and encouraged at Columbia by the organization of boys' and girls' teams.

In 1820, a law authorized townships to levy a tax to pay the tuition of poor students.

By 1828, townships had the power to tax for general school purposes.

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