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Windows live photo gallery beta not updating

For example, click on a person in the People gallery to limit the results to pictures that contain that person. Choose And before choosing another person in order to narrow your search to photos containing both/all of the people.Choose / Or to limit your search to photos that contain any of the people you chose.Once everyone has been tagged, you can go in and batch add the standard tags to the photos metadata. If you are diligent and consistent in adding tags, captions and other info to your photos and videos, you should be able to browse through them and find specific photos with ease. The gallery in the top left lets you sort your pictures by Date, Person, Tag, Rating, etc.Of course, this method of browsing through your photos and videos works the best if you’ve actually added all this information to your items.So, once I get a feel for what’s hot or not about Windows Live Photo Gallery, expect a feature-by-feature review and comparison between Windows Live Photo Gallery and Google Picasa.

If you’re willing to do a little bit of gruntwork, Windows Live Photo Gallery provides numerous methods for sorting, organizing and finding your photos.

Let me first talk about Windows Live Photo Gallery. However, going through almost 10 years of photos to tag people looked to be a tedious process. The new Photo Gallery introduces facial recognition technology where Photo Gallery will now go through your photos, detect photos with people in them (their faces) and then based on people you have already tagged in photos; try to figure out who is in your photos automatically.

You can see in the below screenshot that Photo Gallery was able to detect the face off a photo of a Beetlejuice action-figure I recently purchased.

In the Options/Import Options window, you can change where the imported items will be saved and alter the folder and file name.

Personally, I only find this useful if you intend to save your photos on a different hard drive or partition, since you’ll be doing all of your sorting and organizing from within Windows Live Photo Gallery.

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After you start adding People Tags, it’ll be able to guess who is in the picture without any input. Click on a face in the People gallery to see a series of Windows Live Photo Gallery’s educated guesses.

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