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The app is free to download and membership is also free for those allowed in, but they must stay on the waiting list until a spot opens.

Those who pay a 9 annual membership fee can skip the line, but they still need to pass the admissions process. 6 in Phoenix, Portland, Charlotte, Nashville and Raleigh, N. Davis said the company was initially waiting until spring 2018 to launch in Detroit, but was impressed by how many young people and U-M graduates are moving into the city."Those in Ann Arbor are no longer going to Chicago after college — they're going to Detroit," she said.

I don’t think that is too high a standard.”A representative for Los Angeles-based Tinder did not respond to a message for comment.

The League has been called "Tinder for the elites" and criticized for being overly exclusive and contributing to the societal phenomenon where people with the most credentials and university degrees increasingly marry each other.

"We really focus on people who are career-focused and high-achieving.

If that makes us elitist — fine — but we would never call ourselves elitist."The League plans to expand its Detroit dating pool beyond 500 after about two weeks.

Launched two years ago and already in 21 cities, The League is an invite-only service that offers the professional-class elite an opportunity to avoid the masses as they find each other.

Subsequent to this case, the California Legislature enacted Vehicle Code Section 1808.21, which provided that stalking and threat victims may request confidentiality in their DMV records.

The League then uses an algorithm to give applications a first pass.

But final approvals are made by humans, the company said."The League is an invite-only community for ambitious, career-focused individuals who are looking for the other half of their power couple," Meredith Davis, The League's head of communications, said in a phone interview.

No Longer should victims of stalking be turned away by law enforcement and told, "come back when he actually hurts you." From 1991 through 1993, stalking was a misdemeanor punishable by only one year in county jail when no restraining order was in place.

Under the current law, a first-time stalker can be sentenced to a felony charge and sentenced to State Prison for up to three years.

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