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Who is nastia liukin dating

Sources close to the gymnast tell us that Liukin and Lombardi are still engaged (Liukin has been posting pictures of them together online) and living together in Boston — and that the postponement is due to the couple’s busy schedules and that it will be rescheduled, possibly for 2018.

Gold medalists have been seeing each other secretly since last summer.

For more information on Liukin and Lombardi, click through our gallery of their best Instagram photos together.

Usually, after a couple is engaged, they start planning their wedding immediately.

Aside from poor Tanith, who with her partner Ben Agosto got shut out of the medals last night (but she rooms with Johnny Weir in the athletes' village, so we're pretty sure he had a pitcher of margaritas and a Lady Gaga dance party ready to cheer her up when she got home), this is the best news ever. We're going to try not to jump the gun and start naming all the excellent little ice-skating gymnasts they'd produce, because for heaven's sake they're only 24 and 20, but for now we will just say that it's great that they can share glitter makeup and their mutual affection for leotards.

We are so overwrought by this news and the fourteen hours of ice dancing we watched since Friday that we need to go have a lie down.Nastia Liukin and her fiance Matt Lombardi aren't your regular enthusiastic couple; they seem to be willing to wait longer than usual for their wedding.Nastia Liukin and Matt Lombard got engaged in back on June 2015 and their wedding was set for June 24, 2017.The Matt Lombardi dating who is dating Liukin did play hockey once, when he was at Boston College.He actually did go pro in 2010, playing with the NJ Devils and the Penguin’s Minor League Affiliates.

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Though the dancing duo would make a cute couple, Nastia Liukin is taken by a guy named Matthew Lombardi.