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You were at every sporting event, competition, school field trip, and many more, and never gave up.And your constant motivation gave me the confidence to accomplish many great tasks in life, and I wouldn’t have done it if it weren’t for you.No more having to go out to bars to find a one night stand - there’s an app for that. When you first download the app, rather than requiring your Facebook or email address to create an account, you just sign up; Pure doesn’t give a rip who you are, just like the person who you’ll be hooking up with later.Pure’s goal is to get you laid within the hour, and if you don’t do anything dumb, you should get laid within the hour.Everyone knows that your hair appointment is the prime time to sip some tea aka hear all the latest gossip from your stylist.

Even on the days when all you wanted to do was take a nap after a long day at work, you put me before yourself.

I never looked at having a single-parent as a disadvantage, because I got to brag about how awesome my one parent was.

I can’t tell you enough how much it meant to me that you were always next to me with a smile on your face, encouraging me to be the best person I could possibly be.

Here’s how it works; you sign in, and create a profile that’s basically just a selfie, and after that your mission is to find someone near you who wants to hookup.

Each post you make is like a shoutout about you, and it lasts one hour; users near you will see your selfie, and if they’re interested you’ll be sent a notification and you can set up a meeting time if you like them back. Not everyone is into casual sex, and if you’re the type to date people long-term, I’d recommend downloading Coffee Meets Bagel.

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You unconditional love has made me understand what love truly is.

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