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Conversely, internecine fighting between the Kikuyu and Luo of Kenya, again regardless of casualties, is seen as a tribal matter of little consequence to the outside world.

Finally, and perhaps most important, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been made a proxy for a much larger ideological clash between the west and the Muslim world.

[iii] It is unlikely that the international community would remain silent if hundreds of thousands (or even hundreds) of Palestinians and Israelis were being killed.

However, the indifference is not limited to sub-Saharan Africa: conflicts in southeast Asia (Philippines, Thailand), Latin America (Colombia), the Caucasus (Georgia, Nagorno-Karabakh), the Balkans (Bosnia), and even North America (Mexico) have been equally ignored.[iv] Consequently, the charge of racism may be misplaced.

They hacked the rest to death using machetes or axes. During the same period the Israeli government and Hamas officials entered the final stages of failing ceasefire talks. An errant Hamas rocket killed two Gazan sisters; otherwise there were no cross-border casualties., the two-day Israeli-Palestinian stand-off was reported in the global media forty times.[i] There were no reports on the LRA massacre in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Finally, can anything be done to redress the media balance so that the rights of all humans – regardless of colour, ethnicity, and geography – are given equal weight?

Consequently, while these explanations account for disproportionate media coverage, they do not justify it.

Still, arguments are made that the human rights of those involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are distinct from others and need to be prioritized.

Gilad Shalit and the Qassam rocket are known to many; the death of 5.9 million in the eight-nation Second Congo War is not.

Recent Israeli and Palestinian elections were covered worldwide in real-time, while images of genocide in Rwanda and Sudan did not surface until it was too late.

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Israel is either perceived as a symbol of western imperialist power conducive to western regional interests – particularly those of the much-reviled United States – or as a beacon of democracy in a sea of oppressive Arab pseudo-states.