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Both aspects of the expression need further explanation.The dogma of the double Procession of the Holy Ghost from Father and Son as one Principle is directly opposed to the error that the Holy Ghost proceeds from the Father, not from the Son.Filioque is a theological formula of great dogmatic and historical importance.On the one hand, it expresses the Procession of the Holy Ghost from both Father and Son as one Principle; on the other, it was the occasion of the Greek schism.

Patrol is the primary function of the Evansville Police Department.The department grew quickly due to an increase in crime attributed to returning Civil War veterans.In 1865 the force was increased to 16 officers, which further increased to 23 officers in 1869.A city ordinance passed in 1866 expanded the duties of the department beyond that of a night security detail. By the time Indiana enacted Prohibition in 1918 (two years before the 18th Amendment created nationwide Prohibition) the EPD had 97 officers, 5 civilian employees, 4 automobiles, 16 day-shift walking beats, and 34 night-shift walking beats.The Evansville Police Department has continued to evolve to meet the needs of Evansville's citizens with professional standards, community policing initiatives, and up-to-date equipment and tactics.

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The EPD South Sector is bounded by the Ohio River and Pigeon Creek to the west, the Lloyd Expressway to the north, Weinbach Ave to the east, and the Evansville city limits to the south.

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