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These signs also indicated the postal town and postcode.

Since 2007, new bilingual reflective street signs based on the old suburban signs have started to replace the Malay-only street signs.

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Most streets in the city were built and named during the colonial era, and the historic English names generally remain and are still used by most Penangites.

Since the passage of the National Language Act 1967, government policy has been to use the Malay language for all official purposes, and the Malay translations of the street names are the primary official versions that are used on street signs, now supplemented with names in English (and, in some places, Chinese, Tamil and Arabic).

Church St is literally translated as Lebuh Gereja (from the Portuguese igreja).

In June 2007, while Penang was under the rule of Gerakan, street signs in Chinese were illegally set up by Penang's Democratic Action Party (DAP) Socialist Youth division along several roads in George Town under the justification it helps attract tourists from China, only to be removed by the Penang Municipal Council.

On July 22, 2008, following DAP's electoral victory in Penang and George Town's entry into UNESCO's World Heritage Site list, Gerakan was reported to have placed Chinese-language on existing street signs at six roads, claiming the signs were now vital with George Town's recognition by UNESCO and serve as a reminder to DAP of its earlier promises to erect such signs if voted into office.

There are frequent gatherings in restaurants, bars, churches, museums or country walks.

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In the suburbs, rectangular cast-iron signs with indented corners (white with black lettering and edging) in English and sometimes Jawi script, fixed at head-height to a black iron pole surmounted with a finial, could also be seen.

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