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Before greeting his coach with even so much as a hello, Gostkowski eagerly delivered the day’s wind report.The wind is blowing in, I’m going to have a good day today.“Finally, I said to him, You’re such a typical kicker.He just learned to really focus on wind through kicking and it carried over to every start.” Gostkowski pitched with the mindset of a kicker, quirky weather obsession and all.

(AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda) A riot policeman looks up after scuffles broke during a rally demanding the reunification of Romania and Moldova, in Bucharest, Romania, Saturday, Oct. More than 2,000 people have marched through the Romanian capital demanding that their country reunites with neighboring Moldova and blocked traffic on a main boulevard in the Romanian capital after scuffles with riot police. As training camp approaches and baseball takes a break for its mid-summer classic, The MMQB presents a week of stories on the crossover between hardball and football.Stephen Gostkowski parked his beat-up truck in the players’ lot.His self-scouting report: “I threw a good fastball and changeup, but a below-average curveball.That was part of the problem, I didn’t have that out pitch.

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“You are in your own battle, and it’s a battle against yourself.” “I enjoy the challenge,” Gostkowski says.