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An animated 38-year-old, Gomez-Barris seemed to have it all—a brilliant career, two children, striking looks.Her family had come to the United States from Chile when she was 2 to escape Augusto Pinochet's military dictatorship and to pursue the traditional American dream."It was great, and it felt comfortable," she says of the night they first became intimate."What blew me away was that afterward, Judith held me to her chest. And I thought, 'Maybe I can get all the things I want now.'" Lately, a new kind of sisterly love seems to be in the air.That night, Halberstam, who had also broken up with a partner of 12 years, spotted Gomez-Barris standing across the room and thought, "Now, there's a really beautiful woman." "I saw her differently then and developed a big crush on her," says Halberstam."Yet it made me nervous, given that I have a history of unrequited love with straight women. She took initiative and was the most take-charge person I'd ever met." Intrigued as Gomez-Barris was, it still never occurred to her that they would be anything more than friends.They married and eight years later had their first child, a son.The trouble began after they moved to Los Angeles, where their daughter was born and Gomez-Barris's academic career took off at the University of Southern California.

I'm nothing the system considers I should be as a traditional man. "Someone had to care about making money to support our family," says Gomez-Barris.

She'd recently separated from her husband of 12 years, and the friends streaming in now were eager to meet her new love, who, on this night, was the pirate in the three-cornered hat carving pumpkins outside.

After her marriage broke up in 2007, few of those who knew Gomez-Barris had thought she'd be single for long—"a catch," they called her—and they were right.

Leni spent his days caring for the house and children.

"I was in the more powerful role," says Gomez-Barris, a Ph D and an assistant professor in the sociology and American studies and ethnicity departments.

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"She chose a Japanese restaurant, made reservations, picked me up at my place—on time. On a warm spring night in Malibu, after attending a film screening together, Gomez-Barris and Halberstam walked on the beach, a beautiful pink sunset rounding out a perfect evening.