Marvin orange dating

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Marvin orange dating

She can often come across as cold and distant from her peers.Inside that rough exterior, however, is a delicate and emotional girl who has a soft spot for Darwin, her boyfriend, of all people.Darwin Watterson is Gumball's foster fish brother and his best friend.He was initially Gumball's pet fish, though he was promptly integrated into the family once he grew legs and lungs.

In her bullying days, she was mean and aggressive, often picking on the smaller students relentlessly. Rex, she only bullied others because that was the stereotype she had to fill.

Darwin is an optimist who helps to show Gumball the greater goods in life and his existence just brightens everyone's day.

Anais Watterson is Gumball's four year-old pink rabbit sister who happens to be the most intelligent in the family.

Darwin is kind-hearted spirit who sees the best in everyone and only wants to see others happy.

As Gumball's right hand man, he is quick to point out the flaws in his misguided plans and acts as a sort of "moral-guardian" of sorts to him.

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One of her favorite pastimes is cheerleading, being the "leader" of Elmore Junior High's questionable cheerleader squad.