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Megan fox webcam keep it going

But comparing her breakout to her latest so-called career switch, is Judd Apatow’s view of Fox an improvement on Michael Bay’s?

There’s no question when it comes to wars in print; Fox called Bay Hitler and started a war of interviews, while Apatow put Fox on the cover of his “All-Star Comedy” issue of , it’s hard to picture anything but the snapshot of her in the warm light, her back arched as she looks at the engine of a car.

At every turn, the film insists that we remember that Desi is sexy and that her character is only concerned with partying and sex.

Not one has let her evolve beyond her role, and some of her subsequent roles are even more sexually charged.

The media hasn’t switched gears in its approach to the actress either, and she still headlines men’s magazines and poses half nude.

One is sexy, but gets to have her sexiness put on hold as she uses her toughness, and the other has no interaction that isn’t about her allure.

Shockingly, compared side by side, Bay comes off as the filmmaker with subtlety.

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One small image, however, hardly translates the depth of her character.