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We stumbled on these You Tube videos of a man named TB Joshua healing people. The man then said time, space and distance are not boundaries. My husband looked worried for me, but I said that I am at peace and that my life is going the way it should be.

It was the week before the last blood moon and I was terrified.

Having been born and raised in a small Midwest - blue-collar town, NYC was the potential opportunity to making my claim in life. The company I worked for put my coworkers and I up in a midtown apartment in NYC. We worked hard and played hard and took the whole city by storm. Simply stated, I met a woman who I believed to be my soul mate. After a year of living with people you work with and realizing this was unhealthy for business (we were at each others throats) on top of the fact that the girl I was dating moved on... I guess if you can't make it here you can't make it anywhere! In my depression, I pushed everyone away and kept to myself.

The startup business operation was slow, but that was O. As all relationships begin, I believed she could be the one. I was miserable but at the time didn't realize how down I was on life. No one around to talk with and no where to go, I decided to go to church... I was raised Catholic and although not a bible thumper, I respected its values and never found hatred or directed anger towards the church as some people recently have found.

Upon letting go, there was a bolt of energy, which began at my toes and rifled upward throughout my body.

It exploded out the top of my head like a bolt of lighting.

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But after praying and talking to my best friend I felt a sudden bolt of peace and felt happy. It's made me really open my eyes to knowing that God is all around us, all the time 247Hi! My mom literally looked like she was getting electrocuted. We get tingles but We are both very sensitive to spirits and other entities. This is your form on the other side this is the interaction that you will have with others and this is from the old man who would know better than the old man's grave digger https://78.media.tumblr.com/c09203d6f2a5861d914ee8855d805a65/tumblr_nwip5g6kku1u7o3wio1_500Hello, I had the same feeling. I never had something like the feeling of electricity but in a good way. I felt a strong engery flowing through every part of my body, the hairs on my arms and legs all stood on end.

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