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Whiting davis mesh dating of

980472: Whiting & Davis gold mesh evening bag DESIGNED AFTER SCHIAPERELLI Schiaparelli and marked as such.According to page 114 of "Handbags" by Eittinger, the cooperation between Whiting & Davis and Schiaperelli dates to 1936.Dauphin Island Dauphin Island is a barrier island located three miles south of the mouth of Mobile Bay in the Gulf of Mexico.Dogs on a leash are allowed on the public beach year round.The pair shown below of Chaplin and Marion Davis were sold at Doyle Auction of New York May 3, 2001 for 00. extraordinary Renee Adoree bag was auctioned in March 2006.After a flurry of 21 bids, the bag closed at 24!Thanks to Laura Lacey for sharing the pictures of this extremely rare bag with all of us!

Ask to see them." (Vogue November 15, 1937, page 128) In 1976, to celebrate their 100th Anniversary, the Company produced The Heritage Collection.

The Whiting & Davis application for trademark indicates they make "Metal Mesh Bags, comprised Wholly or in part of metal that is not precious, in All sizes and forms, both soldered and woven mesh." They give July 29, 1921 as the first use of their logo. The cancellation of the trademark is dated June 21, 2003.

This rare "Moxie" advertising bag was sold at auction in 2003 for 49.99.

Originally, Moxie was touted as a patent medicine guaranteed to cure almost any ill including loss of manhood, "paralysis, and softening of the brain".

These claims were revised slightly (more than slightly, actually) with the passage of the Pure Food and Drug Act in 1906.

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When the bag was produced as part of the Delysia line in the 1920's, the Swastika was only a design, a good luck symbol. Offered for sale by Granite Pail Collectibles for $350 but now sold.