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” After speaking with other contestants, she thought editing might knock the “some of them are so sweet and nice” quote out of her assessment of Jersey men, leaving only the “they’re douchey, muscle juiceheads” line for the public to hear.

(“I should’ve known that if I said something bad, they’d use it,” she explained of something that luckily didn't come to pass.) Yes, she was worried about becoming a “ditzy drunk Jersey girl,” Snookie circa 2016, particularly because — looking back — the experience was such a blur, not because of the alcohol but due to the frenzied pace of her two-day experience in Bora Bora. Subconsciously, I think it was because I lost and don’t like losing and that I’m a fair-game player. For me to be sent home like that, they [producers] had to know I wasn’t going to stay from the start.”Alexa Brunetti, who won the Miss Teen New Jersey USA pageant in 2009, will appear on the VH1 program 'Dating Naked' in August 2016.

Once the show launches on the 22nd, I almost can’t wait to see what happens to the Google ranking for my searches on my name.

I’m sure I’ll have some further entertainment in relation to my twitter account @chrisaldrich and other parts of my social media presence.

Let’s get one thing straight: the Chris Aldrich on VH1’s Dating Naked is NOT me — first of all, I’m be nice to have some PR on Hollywood’s busiest corner, but the price was too high.

Enter VH1’s new web series , featuring a house of 17 girls each vying for Trey Songz’ love.

Thing start out nice, but pretty soon there are fights, pettiness and (of course) some late night antics involving Tremaine himself.

I’m almost tempted to make a few changes in the bio sections to increase the ambiguity and cause some trouble.

I’m reminded of Wes Moore’s book “The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates“, unfortunately I’m not quite sure that my writing a book about my experience with “The Other Chris Aldrich” would be so uplifting or inspiring to others.

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The web series will be hosted by Draya Michelle and Steelo Brim (of MTV’s ) and is part of VH1’s “14 Days of Love,” a celebration of Valentine’s Day that will feature over 200 hours of love-themed programming.

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