Germany dating customs among teens

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Germany dating customs among teens

Theater festivals takes place all over Germany and theater lovers can choose among about 30 of them.The , with performances in front of the medieval cathedral or in the ruins of a Roman amphitheater.However, theater-goers who prefer big musical productions or comedies will also find their place.There is also , a satirical, often politicized form of stand-up comedy, performed by small fringe German theater groups.

WITH her filmy polka-dot dress, huge sunglasses and career as a psychologist, Yi Zoe Hou of Taiwan might seem likely to be besieged by suitors.

Other German theater productions focus on children and teens.

Moreover, countless amateur drama groups throughout Germany are united by their love of theater in all its forms.

East Asia also has a male-dominated system, but one that stresses the nuclear family more; nowadays it has abandoned arranged marriages.

In South-East Asia, women have somewhat more autonomy.

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That way, Germany is holding on to a diverse theater landscape.