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Blazer tossed his head high and brought it to her crotch. His prickly hairs jabbed at her flesh like tiny needles. She straddled him, shaking as her pussy came flush against the smooth hair of his back.

Mom's Horse Hunger Chapter 1Patti Adams rolled over in bed. Alice, oblivious to her daughter's spying, scrambled to her feet. No matter how many times she had fucked around with Blazer, she always yearned for more. Slobber your spit over them."Blazer snorted, shook his head and brought his slobbering mouth to her huge tits. Alone on the farm for six months with only Patti, sex was the only thing she could think of. She rubbed her small budding tits through her blouse. Alice staggered away from the wet slurping mouth of the giant horse. Warm sudsy pussy juice flowed from her empty cunt, soaking Blazer's back. She was sprawled out, her pussy exposed, pulsing, oozing. " she moaned, propping her twin ass cheeks up in the air.She kicked the lightweight sheet from her naked body and enjoyed the warmth of the morning sun. Her pale blue eyes brightened as she spotted her mother going into the barn. Noisily, he chomped, then whinnied his thanks."I have a lot more for you to chew," she whispered hoarsely. His long tail swished, and he snorted again."Oooo," Alice gasped. He snorted from the scent of her asshole and juicy pussy. " She jammed back, making Blazer neigh and jerk his head back. He chomped playfully on her ass cheeks, making them red and glistening.Dropping her legs over the side of the bed, Patti stood, catching a glimpse of her shapely body in the mirror. "She must be going to ride Blazer."Quickly, Patti pulled on a pair of tight faded shorts and a loose terry top. She stared at the giant beast, remembering her first sexual contact with the beautiful beast. He rubbed his thick lips over her ass crack, soaking her wrinkled asshole in warm drool."Blazer ... He attacked her ass crack again, his thick broad tongue stretching the tight ring of her asshole. She leaned against the wall as the shock weakened her. "Maybe I'll strip for you and you can eat me." Her own words still sounded strange to her ears. "Oooo, Christ, I love it so much."She knew she always would. Patti gawked through the small window at her mother. "Oooo, Mommy," she whispered, wishing she was in the barn, too. Tits flopping, head jerking back and forth, soft dark hair swishing over her flushed face, Alice maintained her balance as Blazer pranced around the barn. Pulsing muscles inside Alice's cunt beat against her empty channel. Alice lost her balance and fell from the horse's back, tumbling into the pile of dry hay. "Oh, shit," she mumbled, wanting to be there and enjoy the same things. She rolled over in the hay, giggling as the hay jabbed into the flesh of her tits, soft belly, and thighs."How about my asshole? Instead of opening the barn door, she peered in the window first, getting the shock of her young life. Her mother was humping her pussy against Blazer's mouth. Alice squealed, bouncing up and down on Blazer's back. " Her eyes popped as the barn felt as if it were spinning. Through the smeared window, she saw the look on her mother's face and knew she wasn't hurt. She stared at her naked mother writhing like a snake in the pile of dry hay. Chomp on my cunt."Pent-up passion raged unleashed throughout her body.

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She attached herself to him as if she were a bag of feed. "Through the closed window, Patti heard the faint sound of her mother's voice, the cries of her mother's passion. " Hot intense orgasms zipped through Alice's writhing body.

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