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A few hours more and the first day of the International Thanksgiving was about to begin.And with a prayer in my heart and anticipation in my mind, I closed my eyes for a few hours’ rest.To signal the start of the gathering, the Teatro Kristiano members of South America took the stage and performed a lively dance number to God and the brethren.The small Brazilian dancer, now dressed in all white, danced with his fellow Teatro Kristiano brothers and sisters, to the delight of audiences.1 – a wonderful prelude to a prayer that we all had to keep us safe on a journey to bring us to our heart’s desires.Armed with a prayer and heightened enthusiasm, we went through the usual traveling motions with obvious joy, and eventually, braved the skies and transferred from one airplane to another.Snow powdered chocolate mountains were immediately below us, with ridges that rose and fell beautifully, as if a graceful symphony for the eyes.The mountains cascaded to patches of flat land, forming an earth-colored quilt, laid out to perpetually spread warmth.

Silently singing, with hopeful hearts, we readied ourselves and sang hymn no. When a Filipino Catholic man first alerted me to the existence and activity of The Church of God International of Mr.Eliseo Soriano, which he publicizes through his popular television show Ang Dating Daan (“The Old Path” in Tagalog), my first instinct was that it was a bit absurd to refer to a religious group as the Old Path which has only been around for about 30 years.Simultaneously, the Filipino-based topic was translated to Portuguese and Spanish. The Overall Servants discussed the deeper meaning of the biblical event of Christ’s washing the feet of the apostles, and how it relates to Christians in today’s dispensation.One of the more important parts of the topic was the great sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ on the cross, and how it was truly “the most important part of the history of humanity.” Answers to questions such as why Christians do not give offerings during the commemoration of the Lord’s Supper, as well as what the great effect of Christ’s being nailed on the cross was to mankind were biblically expounded.

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