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100 buffalo dating

This was necessary because most of the courts in the area were closed for a week and the jails were swelling.Hard hit by the Blizzard of '77, 16 of the 25 towns in school children and high school and college students the blizzard of Friday, January 28, meant as much as two weeks of unplanned vacation.Sadly, 29 deaths were blamed on the storm, many found frozen in their half buried cars during the four day ordeal.

This is an excellent, detailed post-storm report for nine counties affected by the blizzard in Appendix B contains a short synopsis of a number of newspaper articles that appeared in the Buffalo Evening News, Courier Express, and the Watertown Daily Times.The story of the Blizzard of '77 actually began early in the winter of 1976_1977.The weather was unusually harsh leading up to the blizzard. Industries and schools were forced to curtail activities and in some cases close.This is the east side of the house, which was downwind of the westerly wind. Volunteer firefighters clear the roof as a front-As you can see, a TV crew treks across tremendous snow drifts to get some film footage of a C-130 bringing in badly needed men and equipment.The drifts are so deep that the crew avoids the roof of a car as they walk along.

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They tell of many who came from near and far to help, of those who opened their doors, of those who gave so much, and unfortunately of the very few who only took advantage of an already bad situation and made it worse by looting or instituting price gouging.

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