Speed dating santa maria dating in the dark relationships

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Speed dating santa maria

After a few months of dating, Amanda became pregnant with their two children Jimmy and Tracey while living at a trailer park in the Midwest. Michael began to see that he had a lot more to lose if he was ever killed or imprisoned and started to keep to himself over time as a criminal and was much more careful - much to Trevor's annoyance, who saw Michael as "soft".

A few years later, Trevor met Brad Snider, a fellow crook and future accomplice of Michael and Trevor.

After noticing how well they worked with each other, Michael brought an aimless Trevor under his wing as a partner for various crimes he would commit.

They were both somewhat successful at their profession, but Michael claims that they were always impecunious and constantly on the run from the law, as Trevor's rage issues would cause him to murder someone in broad daylight and Michael's circumspection and foresight as well as his distinctive style of quoting from Solomon Richards' films (thus drawing attention) would cause him and Trevor to leave town after completing a job.

He was told an exaggerated amount of stories of why his father left, all of which included (but weren't limited to) him skipping town, being hit by an oncoming train and even joining the navy.

During his time in high school, Michael was an acclaimed quarterback for an all-state football team.

As a young adult, Michael started breaking the law.During this period of time, he associated himself with Lester Crest, an exquisite planner that would later assist Michael in planning out heists, as well as other tasks.In 1993, Michael met Trevor Philips while he was escorting cargo across the border.Trevor stated that the experience was horrible, as the flare was still burning from the inside of the man's skull as they dropped him off into the lake.Trevor and Michael both threw up after landing the plane since the dead man's stench was still inside the cockpit.

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In exchange for a monthly five-figure payment, Norton would provide Michael with a new identity and a home for him and his family in Los Santos.