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I know this translated into they were afraid the two weeks would be a stream of friends and girls in and out.I most likely would have some friends over, but it would be my best friend Mark and maybe a couple of more to play the new Call of Duty, not a frat party. I'd spent the last eight months in another state and all the girls I'd known back here had either moved onto college or had boyfriends.I stood rooted to the spot, my eyes moving back and forth with her ass as if I were being hypnotized.

I'll be fine here and I'll make sure I visit grandma and grandpa and they can call or stop by anytime, I won't be..." "You want to stay home alone? " My smile broadened and I'm sure mom just thought it was because of staying with my best friend.

At night when I knew Mark was sleeping I would slip into the bathroom and jerk off thinking of those legs, as well as her lips, wrapped around me.

I hadn't seen Melanie in close to a year and while at school my fantasies had turned towards the numerous hot young coeds I saw every day, but after less than five minutes of staring at her ass, I was reminded of why she'd been my go to fantasy from day one.

Melanie was a dance instructor and had the legs to go along with it.

My eyes would run up and down those legs imagining my tongue doing the same.

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Man, I better find someone to spend some time with soon.