Buy book dating without drama

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Buy book dating without drama

We deal with large quantities of merchandise in limited space and want to make sure we keep track of your merchandise while it still belongs to you.

We don't buy security alarms or toasters, but we do buy smartphones, tablets, game consoles, e-readers, digital music players, and turntables.

Also, factors of supply and demand in each location help determine offers.

I can usually let you know in general terms how interested we are in a type of book or music; I can tell you whether or not stores see it come in often, whether or not it's out-of-date, or whether or not it may have some collectible value.

We pay the most for recent bestsellers and collectibles, but we're also interested in good books, music, and movies of all kinds.

The primary factors we consider when buying used merchandise of any kind are: 1.) condition 2.) supply and demand.

We like to make sure that the item is in good working condition and has its key accessories. Basically our stores are going to pay a higher percentage for books we see less often.

Our policy requires a current, government-issued photo ID card.

We also buy music in most formats, including CDs and LPs.

We buy movies, magazines, textbooks, audiobooks, video games, mobile phones, tablets, game consoles, accessories, and e-readers. All of our locations (except for Outlet locations) buy all types of printed and recorded merchandise, all day, every day.

A buyer in the store would need to actually see your books (or games, LPs, or whatever) before an offer can be made on them.

It's hard to evaluate any item without seeing it and touching it, and then offer money for it.

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And you may use the cash however and wherever you like.

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