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And a man who might not be so cute on date #1, can seem like Richard Gere by date #4, once you've gotten to know his personality.

Resolution #9 This year, find at least three activities you would love to try.

I'd love to share with you the EXACT DATING AND RELATIONSHIP SECRETS my clients and I have used to find the great guys and relationships we're in today. Instead of being turned off by a man's advances, understand this may be his way of letting you know he's into you. it's okay to set sexual boundaries and the time to have sex is when YOU, not the guy, is ready.

Resolution #7 This year, instead of telling yourself "I love who I am but..." work on accepting yourself as the one of a kind, magnificent, lovable woman you truly are! Sometimes it can take three or four dates for the chemistry to click between the two of you.

Resolution #2 Come up with a Dating Blueprint that's going to help you figure out where you'll find the types of men you're looking for.

Resolution #3 This year, go on a date with the intention of just getting to know something new and interesting about the man you're meeting -- nothing more -- and see where it takes you.

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Resolution #1 Start the year by treating yourself to a makeover ...maybe a new haircut, a shift in hair color, a new lipstick or a fun dating outfit.You'll feel better and look better, stoking the fire of your inner glow that men are so attracted to.If you click on them, it will take you to a post with more details and sometimes FREE Printables to go with your little love assignment.By any chance is your dream for 2016 related to finding a great guy to play with and share your life with?

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