Best boyfriends dating

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Your Boyfriend can study to earn personality trait points and Player EXP.Going on a date with your Boyfriend will let you earn trait points and EXP.

Back when you first started dating your girlfriend, you bent over backwards to impress, right?

But then you started tuning out...probably around the time you thought you had her all figured out. She still thinks communication is important (crazy, I know), so you're going to have to seem interested.

Ask her about work, her friends, whatever she's into.

You were still hitting the gym, hitting the showers, and getting a regular shave and haircut. But now that you've achieved that goal, you think it's okay to take the touchy-feely stuff down a notch.

But she still wants - needs, even - the kissing and the hand-holding, even when it doesn't precede or follow sex.

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