Romney asked if interracial dating a sin

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And why is it that we have a man who looks like a Brooks Brothers shirt salesman, Mitt Romney—with the ability of a mouse to inspire enthusiasm—as our “choice” for the Republican candidacy and NOT Ron Paul?Because the “choice” that we’re given is engineered by the Jewish-owned Main Stream Media that fears and ignores Ron Paul due to his of who holds the dollars and who pulls the levers of propaganda.Both candidates, (unbeknownst to most Americans), are in the of American Jewry, which controls the political process of our hapless nation. Do you want a “Republican” flavor of Jewish manipulation?

Trump Knew Flynn Lied To FBI; White House: Jerusalem Embassy Move "A Recognition of Reality"; Texas Church Tragedy: One Month Later. Trump in January that Flynn Misled FBI, Pence; Prosecutors: Manafort Contacted Russian While on Bail; Trump's Lawyer Claims President Trump Cannot Obstruct Justice; Deputy's Congressional Testimony Contradicts Flynn Russia Plea Account; Big- Name Republicans Now Backing Moore; Pres. Roll down your sleeves for yet another B movie presented by the Jewish-owned Main Stream Media.This dog and pony show known as “Elections 2012″ will feature the dog, Barack Hussein Obama, and the horse’s arse, Mitt Romney, as the contenders for the executive office.Trump's Judicial Pick Withdraws After Viral Hearing Video; House Republicans Seeking Billions Disaster Aid Package; CNN Probe Prompts Review Of Puerto Rico Hurricane Deaths. Trump Doesn't Want Intel On Russia Interference; Omarosa's Exit Raises Questions About White House Diversity; Pres.Aired 9-10p ET • President Trump Lawyers to Meet with Special Counsel As Early As Next Week; Interview with Congressman Jim Himes; President Trump on a Flynn Pardon: "We'll See"; GOP Tax Bill Doubles Standard Deduction for Individuals; Final GOP Tax Bill Released: Corker & Rubio to Vote "Yes;" President Trump Judicial Pick Fails Legal Quiz; The Legacy of Omarosa Manigault Newman. Trump "Fake News" Claims Creating Real Danger; Remembering The Sandy Hook Shooting Victims.

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Trent Franks Moves Resignation To Today; NY Times: FBI Warned Pres. Trump's Approval Rating At 32%; RNC Breaks Silence On Support For Roy Moore; CNN Exclusive: Undisclosed Emails Show Follow-Up After Trump Jr.

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