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And of course, we’ll see more debates and court cases featuring questions about robots having rights, “just like humans.” ***Actually, in an entirely illogical fashion, we’ll see more and more “evidence” showing humans don’t have free will, because their brains dictate all thought and action, while robots will be touted as “free and creative.” Some college professor will argue robots should be granted more “privileges” than humans, because the robots aren’t inherently “prejudiced.” Another professor will insist that robots must be subjected to committee investigations, to make sure they aren’t “racist.” “Today, in New York, a former Burger King employee, who is a refugee from Somalia, filed suit against a robot named Charlie, claiming Charlie uttered a racial slur while ordering a cheeseburger for his employer, a wealthy real estate developer…” Behind all this, the fact remains that, no matter how many complex layers of “decision-making” are programmed into AI, the machine is always acting within rules and guidelines laid out in advance. Individual humans are capable of free choice, and are also capable of changing their own rules and standards. They will want sophisticated robots THAT SEEM TO BE CHOOSING TO COMPLY WITH THEIR EVERY WISH AND DEMAND.

Women of Influence IBJ’s Women of Influence program recognizes women who have risen to the highest levels of business, the arts and community and public service in central Indiana.

The big changes in the federal tax code aren't happening in a vacuum.

They will force officials in most states to decide whether to apply similar changes, while some residents ponder whether they now might be better off living somewhere else.

Lilly expects to soon announce late-stage clinical trial results for two biotech drugs designed to slow the inflammation caused by autoimmune diseases.

By the end of the year, it will announce results for a third.

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The publication also features a Q&A with a wedding planner and surveys the steakhouse scene downtown.

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