Accomidating nursing mothers at work

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Accomidating nursing mothers at work

A woman who opts to breastfeed her baby takes on a child-rearing responsibility which no man will ever truly face.In order for a working mother to bestow on her child the benefits that nursing can provide, she may require a degree of accommodation.The length of the extension depends on the circumstances of the mother.Employees may have special needs because they want to become pregnant, they are pregnant or because they have just had a baby or a miscarriage.On the other hand, abandon your job to ensure that your child will be breastfed.” Where a breastfeeding employee needs to be accommodated, she is responsible for clearly informing the employer of her needs and of the accommodation required, preferably in writing.It is the responsibility of the employer to create and provide a supportive environment.The good news is that there are several ways that the Nigerian government and employers can retain working mothers with the help of improved structures and policies both at organization and governmental level.

It is illegal to discriminate because a woman is pregnant.To encourage working mothers, structural changes at the governmental policy level must be made to accommodate nursing moms in employment.We need specific laws / policies that stipulate for the establishment of lactation stations in public and private workplaces, or policies that encourage establishment of day care centres in work places.The Nigerian labour law specifically provides – While the labour law provides for time for nursing, it does nothing to provide for space at the work place for breastfeeding (or more realistically expressing of breast milk).As any nursing working mother would know, expressing milk every 3 or 4 hours is necessary to maintain a steady supply of breast milk to nurse your baby.

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