Who was amy winehouse dating when she died

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Who was amy winehouse dating when she died

She began swooping her inky black hair into the towering beehive that would become her signature and started collecting tattoos, including one of a shirt pocket beneath the word “Blake’s” on her left breast.

Fielder-Civil was sentenced to 27 months in Pentonville Prison while Winehouse continued to sell millions of records around the globe, entering the ranks of pop’s top acts.“He explained to me that when they’re going into [drug] withdrawal, if they cut themselves, it takes away the pain,” he was quoted as saying.But as Winehouse began to publicly unravel—a process characterized by drastic weight loss, tumbling out of bars, punching fans, and embarking on a roundelay of rehab stays—Fielder-Civil morphed into something besides her longtime enabler; he became one of Britain’s most reviled men.The perception was that Winehouse’s rising toxicity was all his fault.“I won’t let him divorce me,” she told Britain’s Now magazine.“He’s the male version of me, and we’re perfect for each other.”In 2009, the couple finally did divorce, however, with Fielder-Civil’s attorney reportedly citing “Amy’s adultery” as the cause of their split.

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“I introduced her to heroin, crack cocaine, and self-harming.