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It all comes crashing down when the drugs take control. Viewers discretion is strongly advised.]Retired Serbian porn star Milos is happily married with a son, but financial difficulties have forced him to come out of retirement.Milos is suddenly contacted by a porn actress named Lejla who offers him a contract, with hefty monetary compensation, to do a film for a director named Vukmir.Based off a Japanese manga of the same name, re-envisioned for a South Korean audience, an ordinary man named Dae-su Oh is inexplicably imprisoned for 15 years.With just as little explanation, he is suddenly released, equipped with new clothes, money, and a cell phone.A group of teenagers traipse around LA on an angsty, drug-induced adventure complete with strange suicides, aliens, death, and rape by a television celebrity.[Note: Director Gregg Araki is well-known for other atypical movies such as Social butterfly turned recluse, Dominik loses everything—his girlfriend, his friends, and his pride—after an unplanned tryst with an acquaintance comes to a humiliating end.In the aftermath of a brutal tornado that leveled half the town and killed half its residents, Xenia, Ohio becomes a cesspool for disgusting, nauseating acts of violence, debauchery, and nihilism.

He believes he had been abducted by aliens, but the truth is shocking.In the near future, single people are sent to a hotel where they are compelled to participate in a matchmaking program which stipulates that if the subject cannot find a partner within forty-five days, they will undergo a medical procedure that will turn them into an animal of their choice.A good mother should be able to raise a good son, right?Fired up and out for revenge, Dae-su discovers that his mysterious kidnappers have a plan for him chock-full of pain and suffering.Dawn, a high school student who has taken a vow to stay abstinent until marriage, discovers that her body is cursed with an inexplicable “adaptation” that gives her an unlikely advantage when she becomes a victim to male violence.

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Films which feature untasteful sex, violence, and psychological disturbances are too often thrown to the wayside, writhing in the dusty crooks of hipster DVD shelves, but these movies, though bound to leave a bad taste in one’s mouth, act as a much needed mirror for the most troubling crevices of the human condition.