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One rule of thumb is that old-format serial numbers belong to SL-1200s manufactured during the 1970s and 1980s, while new-format serial numbers belong to SL-1200s manufactured during the 1990s and beyond.

I'll take a few pics next time I open them up, which will be soon. But it is unclear whether older models have the cutout missing in the chassis or the newer models and from which year to which year do we consider older models and when did the newer models began? Remove the platter and check for a cutout in the chassis in the to o'clock positions. Bought my tables all recently and they were all in NM condition.

The image -- especially that of the main profile -- is the center of this useful deception.

Thought all us Technics owners and pre purchasers might find this interesting and informative.

If you've purchased 1200's second hand or plan to you should definitely give this a read!

"It is possible to tell the year (and the month) when the SL-1200 was manufactured from the serial number on the back or bottom of the turntable.

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Is it possible to let me know the date this TT was produced. Where else can i look for serial number, becouse i cant find it.