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Laughing Jimmy let himself be pulled, tripping over the doormat as Tony dragged him in, which caused them both to stumble and fall against the wall where they held onto one another as they laughed.

Tony is finding being team leader harder than he'd anticipated.

Palmer frowned for a moment, put the photos back down in a different order, turned over a page in the report, took his glasses off and cleaned them on his scrubs.

"Read that paragraph and look again at this photo."Tony frowned as he read the paragraph and then re-read it and even re-re-read it before looking hard at the photo.

"Only because you made me look at the photos and the file and because you suggested how it could have been set up to look like murder when it was actually suicide.""Which it wasn't.""Which is wasn’t." Palmer confirmed.

"Love it."Jimmy turned his head where it rested again the back of the couch and looked at Tony.

Except he didn't - and that was problem number one.

He needs someone to talk to and bounce ideas off of.

That means I can do this -" And he leaned across the small gap that separated them, put his hand behind Jimmy's head and pulled him close enough to kiss.

He turns to Jimmy and discovers to his surprise that Jimmy has a well-kept-quiet love of movies.

I think he would indeed make a strong shoulder for Tim to lean on in your captured Jimmy arc.

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And it's so easy to miss.""Which I did.""Which anyone would have done." Palmer spoke far more forcefully than Tony had ever heard him speak before."You didn't."Palmer flushed and shrugged.

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