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If one cup mixed with milk can take out more than half of your calorie allowance for the day, then it is not a worthy health food to consume.

While there is an option to make your own at home, that can be time consuming and yield poor results.

It also has added heart-healthy unsaturated fats and some protein.

Bella only recommends this to clients who are trying to gain weight because of the amount of calories one cup can have.

Avocado toast is a good option to get your fill of heart-healthy fats and make you feel full.

Amy Shapiro, registered nutritionist, dietitian and founder of Real Nutrition in New York City, said that these bowls are full of antioxidants.Bella said bars with fewer than 150 calories and have more than five grams of fiber are best for people that are looking for a nutritious option.'I always prefer real food over a packaged bar,' Bella said.Shapiro said avocado toast has a lot of heart-healthy fats.This trendy health food contains a good fat that helps lower cholesterol levels and is free of sodium.

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This tends to be the worst health food that people can consume.