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In my experience, all of this is more difficult for those HSP/HSSs who have had difficult, stressful lives, so that they experience the world now as very threatening, which frustrates the HSS, and without meaning, which alarms the HSP. Watch a video the HSP would usually avoid, but fast forward through the upsetting parts. Just living this way, living fully, can be a special thrill to the HSS. The Other Problems With Being An HSP/HSS: Now That You Get Along With Yourself Better... HSP/HSSs seem to have a harder time finding the right partner, because really they need another HSP/HSS, and those are relatively scarce.

They feel more ashamed of whichever side of themselves they are showing, and more dominated by it, rather even imagining that the two parts can live together or even help each other. Does the HSS like big cities, the HSP find them overwhelming? Get a pet who is just like you--a peppy pup who loves to roam with the HSS, but once worn out, will sleep contentedly beside the HSP. But the HSP in you really wants to be sure it is all done right. As someone once said about golf, "Every shot I don't take is a certain failure." So YOU choose your goal. You can imagine the troubles otherwise, in both cases.

According to this theory, if an opportunity is sensed, the Behavioral Activation System (BAS) is alerted.And the HSS part often wins because in this culture, at least, the combination of curiosity, competitiveness (more typical of HSSs), and risk taking are all admired more than the HSP combination of traits.Hence the HSP part often feels it has less power and is more often dominated by the HSS part.So, as with such couples, the following points apply. Your HSP part is a spoilsport with all its worries? It is finding novelty and satisfying your curiosity. Well, another way to look at that is that the more you, the HSP, tries these things and is successful, the less risky it will seem next time. Well, at least your life very interesting and full of adventures, which many other HSPs might envy.It's just a kind of exploring that does not require going anywhere or taking any risks at all. And, you'll increasingly see yourself as very competent in all sorts of situations, as competent as any worldly non-HSP. Does the HSS seem to get its way too often, enjoying the support of everyone around you?

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Being an HSP/HSS almost sounds like the best of all possible worlds, doesn't it? But most HSS/HSPs will tell you it's also rough going.