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Selective beginnings dating service

The accessible, extant literature focused primarily on the correctional psychology experience in Ontario provincial corrections and the federal correctional service.

Three surveys on the status of correctional psychology in Canada were undertaken in the 1970s.

It is my contention, as well as that of many others, that these two elements of penology (not independent of one another, please note) have profoundly affected, and do continue to affect, the establishment, the development, the practice and the viability of applied correctional psychology.

Methodology As this paper is an historical review, it is considered appropriate to indicate to the reader the manner in which the material that constitutes the body and substance of the review was gathered.

An Historical Review of the Role and Practice of Psychology in the Field of Corrections 1992, N°. Mental Health Model Other Considerations in the Delivery of Psychological Services in Correctional Institutions Resource Standards Organization Training Further Evidence of the Growth of Correctional Psychology The Unique Contribution of Psychology Conclusion References The purpose of this paper is to review the history and development of the discipline of correctional psychology.

Watkins Research and Statistics Branch Correctional Service of Canada August, 1992 Abstract Introduction Methodology Historical Background Overview of the History of Psychology in North American Corrections Early History Correctional Psychology in the United States: The Middle Years Correctional Psychology in Canada The Role of Correctional Psychologists in Applied Settings Early Conceptualizations of Role: The American Experience Early Conceptualizations of Role: The Canadian Experience Modern Conceptualizations of Role Critique of the Role Assessment Who is the Client?

In order to gather as much relevant historical information as possible, a comprehensive approach was taken consisting of several search strategies.

Subsequent to the computerized literature search, further material was uncovered through perusal of the reference lists of relevant articles identified in the initial search and through additional cross-referencing as new material was collected.Certain journals were personally scanned from the date of their initial publication to their likely inclusion in the relevant computerized literature data banks (e.g., , etc.,).This was done in order to ferret out articles of potential historical interest whose date of publication was not included in the time span covered by the data banks and which may not have been referenced elsewhere.The role of the correctional psychologist was broadened under the influence of the development and growth of clinical/mental health psychology following the war.Canadian correctional psychology made its first appearance in the literature in 1952.

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Forensic psychology made its appearance as an acknowledged, if fledgling, specialty in psychology during this period; correctional psychology was considered a sub-specialty of this field.