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Maybe the porch swing we’d rock together as we gazed at the sunset would shake with some good hearty rumbles. Ladies: Forget burning the bras – it’s high time to stand and be counted as bimbos eager to Ban the Beano and blurt out our own Emancipation Proclamation! Surely, Gloria Steinem herself in her lifetime has released some “Revolution from Within.”Give the bovines a break! Lana Hanson has no college degree, no awards, no “touring poet” accolades.

As we grew old together, our hair would go grey, our wrinkles deepen and our melded gases settle into a sweet, comfortable, silent-but-deadly .

Cheap men are often holding back all of their resources for some future plan. High-maintenance men I went to an art exhibit with a date and when we got there we discovered the artist (for some unknown reason) covered the entire gallery floor with dirt.

I’m perfectly content if our date includes a beautiful park, cheap wine, and my favorite taco truck delights; however, more often than not, cheap men don’t take the steps required to create ambiance or luxury thru experience. As my date and I approached the entrance he stopped short and looked at me mortified.

I have to pretend to laugh, this encourages the man to keep trying, and it’s generally a bad time for everyone involved.

Laughter may seem silly to some, but it’s a necessity for me.

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I’m actually cool with it — it makes me feel like a model. Stop talking about the time you stomped out a dude twice your height. Call it carnal, call it archaic, but if a man can’t defend himself, I can’t take him seriously. I don’t ever ever want to be with a man who goes around picking fights. (Seriously, we’re too old, and dudes that pick fights are extremely unattractive.) But I do need to know that you and I can go all Resident Evil together when the zombie apocalypse hits. Just like men appreciate natural beauty, I appreciate a man who is sexy without covering half of his face.

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