Jay naylors original life updating

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When her estranged mother, Paula Burrows (Julie Legrand), is admitted with kidney damage, Jac reveals that she was abandoned aged twelve and placed in foster care.

She agrees to a kidney transplant to save her mother, Afraid of being demoted after making a clinical error, Jac blames the mistake on ward sister Chrissie Williams (Tina Hobley), the mother of Sacha's son, which leads to the termination of their friendship.

When Tara Lo sends an email to everyone, informing them of her brain tumour and that she will be undergoing surgery to have it removed, Jac is extremely surprised and upset by the news.

When Tara dies in surgery after complications, Jac is deeply saddened despite the fact she had acted very cold towards her throughout her time at Holby.

Faye becomes pregnant with Joseph's child but has a breakdown and refuses to leave the psychiatric unit she has admitted herself to when she goes into labour.

Jac keeps her diagnosis to herself and after a confrontation outside theatre Jonny dumps her.

Jac helps Sacha rekindle his love for Chrissie by giving him a lift to the airport.

Despite their different work attitudes, Jac and Jonny end up in bed together.

Although Jac is convinced she's miscarried, Jonny convinces her to take a pregnancy test. Jac tells Jonny about her endometriosis and he performs an ultrasound on Jac and they see their baby for the first time.

Jac has her next ultrasound scan booked at a private clinic on the other side of town.

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She spends some time in intensive care and has to walk, aided by a crutch for several months afterwards.